Notizr Management System



There are a lot of possible cases in where you would like to have the ability to communicate your users instantly an event, an info or breaking news.

At same time, it is possible that your users want to be updated in some specific topics about you, but maybe you don´t have the means or the desire to develop a specific program for mobile devices, plus a message management platform that enables you to those communications, and then have to keep all this infrastructure in time.

That´s what Notizr was born, so you have the possibility to do this without the means of a large company.

Here are some example cases in where you would like to have a tool like this:

You have a little event/conference

Lets say you organize a small event/conference about you need to give timely info, as speakers, scheduled changes at the last minute, problems with access, location changes, etc. If you tell your users to subscribe to your communications during the event and the previous days, all your users will have any changes updated, even at the last second.

You want to give your users a special offer for only 24 hours

If you send an email to all your users, it is quite possible they read it later and the offer has been finished. Putting the offer on the web only makes that only the users that are currently browsing can see it. But everyone reads their mobile notifications...

You are a building administrator

You are a building administrator and you need a tool to communicate instantly to the residents all kind of incidents, like a broken garage door, a fail on the lifts, the next meeting date, etc.

You are a news editor

Because you can use HTML inside the detailed part of the message you send, you can send your notices straight to your users, including images, ads, and formatted text. You can even have topics, so users can subscribe only to their interests.

Those are only some examples of a good use for push notifications for your users. But sure you will have your own needs in where the possibilities of the push notifications are a key for a better service with your users.

If you feel, like us, that push notifications are a key tool in the present and future (remember that all people see the notifications in the mobile devices), contact us.