Notizr Management System


About Notizr

There are a lot of possible cases in where you would like to have the ability to communicate your users instantly an event, an info or breaking news.

At same time, it is possible that your users want to be updated in some specific topics about you, but maybe you don´t have the means or the desire to develop a specific program for mobile devices, plus a message management platform that enables you to those communications, and then have to keep all this infrastructure in time.

That´s what Notizr was born, so you have the possibility to do this without the means of a large company.


Notizr is a system intended to alert your users to any significant event occurring in your business through push notifications, that arrives directly to their mobile devices.


Only you can send messages to your users.


Combined with our mobile app (available for iOS and Android), you will send a message and all the users with the app installed and configured (subscribed for your channel) will receive a notification instantly on their mobiles (without any cost for them, that needs only a data plan or a wi-fi connection). In this way your users will be informed immediately of any event that you consider important for your business, such as event cancellation or finished promotions.


The mobile application is of type Install and Forget, ie, once installed and configured the user should not worry about it, the notifications will arrive automatically even if the application is closed. This is the fastest system you will find to inform your users about important events.


The system works in the whole world, doesn´t matter where the users is, if he has an internet connection he will receive the notifications until that setting is changed.

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